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If you know me IRL, you know that I am slightly obsessed with Fitbit fitness trackers. Every day I try to hit at least 10K steps, I check my sleeping stats religiously, and get into somewhat heated stepping competitions with friends and family on the app. But as far as obsessions go, this one has helped me get off the couch, become more fit, and yes, lose weight.

My first Fitbit tracker was Fitbit Alta, I loved its sleek design and how inconspicuous it was. I could stack a few bracelets around it to dress it up, or wear it as-is and not feel like I had a fitness tracker on – it was pretty perfect. Then, a few months ago I tried Fitbit Charge 2, and with this tracker I could also monitor my heart rate, helping me get a more precise reading of my daily calorie burn, and helping me track exercise better.

But while I loved the functionality and features of Charge 2 (Guided Breathing Sessions were a huge bonus!), with its wider screen and band I found myself missing my thinner tracker. What I really wanted was to wear my Alta, but with all of the benefits of heart rate readings too. Well, my prayers have been answered with the new and improved Fitbit Alta HR – it still offers the same stylish design, but this time with a PurePulse Heart Rate monitor built-in, so I can track low-step exercise like Barre better, keep an eye on my resting heart rate changes, and get a better overall understanding of my fitness level.

These days my Fitbit Alta HR is on my wrist every single day – from work to sleep and everything in between, and I truly can’t imagine how I ever functioned without it. It made me a more active person, and it fits my personal style – what more can you ask for?

Fitbit tracker was provided free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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